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From: Robert & Patrica Farnham
RE:  Please Don't Make The Same Mistakes We Did!

We'll get straight to the point. There are some "insider secrets" to business financing and credit that your local banker doesn't want you to discover!

We are NOT new to the business world. We have personally started, bought and sold dozens of businesses. Some have been very successful (Some others we call "learning experiences"!)

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We've discovered some shocking information as the result of our mistakes, experience, research and revolations on a subject we (sheepishly) thought we had under control.

As it turns out, we were incredibly naive about this topic. (And we believe that the majority of local banks and credit card issuers want to try and keep you that way!)

I know, I know... you're thinking...

So?...what can you do for me?

Have you been forced to pass up golden wealth building opportunities due to lack of financing?

Are you feeling frustrated by not having enough capital to create YOUR ultimate business vision?

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Well, that's exactly what we can help you with.

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We've put together a report to help you see your way towards your corporate financing dream. This report is full of the information most credit card issuers and local banks are hoping you don't discover!

  • Learn the difference between business credit and REAL corporate credit!

  • Find out why your local bank and credit card company are praying you don't discover this information!

  • Understand why using your personal credit to build a business is playing a fools game.

  • Learn how Donald Trump can claim bankruptcy twice and still get credit for Million dollar projects.

  • Find out why corporate credit limits are MUCH higher than typical business credit limits, (even if you have AWFUL personal credit!)

  • Understand the underlying reason that many corporate credit building programs cost THOUSANDS of dollars more than they should!

  • Learn why there are a select group of lenders that will grant $25,000 to $500,000 in unsecured corporate credit. (They specialize in this)

  • You'll learn why we MISSED OUT on a profitable business opportunity because of our LACK OF THIS SPECIFIC INFORMATION!

  • And much, much more!

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Thanks for reading

Robert & Patrica Farnham

ps. Before you pay a penny to purchase a credit building program, an aged company, shelf company or paying someone to secure you corporate credit and seasoned credit, please read this free report first!
pps. "If you can learn how to get funding for ANY business you want, including the financing to operate or expand it, what business would YOU own?"

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