Real Corporate Credit Power?

"If you could get funding for ANY business you wanted,
including the financing to operate or expand it,
what business would YOU own?"

Let us get straight to the point. There are some "insider secrets" to business financing and credit that your local banker doesn't want you to discover!

We are NOT new to the business world. We have personally started, bought and sold many, dozens of businesses. Some have been very successful (Some others we call "learning experiences"!)

We've realized some shocking information as the result of our mistakes, experience, research and discoveries on a subject we (sheepishly) thought we had under control.

As it turns out, we were incredibly naive about this topic. (And we believe that the majority of local banks and credit card issuers want to try and keep you that way!)

Here's a question we'd like to you ask yourself:
"If you could get the financing for any business you wanted,
what business would YOU own?"

Seriously consider that question.
Would it change the TYPE of business you want?
Would it change the SIZE and SCALE of the business you'd start?
Would it change the whether you START it or BUY an existing operation?
Would it change the way you grow your business?

We are Rob and Patti Farnham and here's our corporate credit nightmare.

As we've already stated, we have owned various corporations over a long period of time. We THOUGHT we had been establishing good credit for our businesses. Then came an opportunity to purchase a hospitality business we'd been researching and talking about for years. (We had been patiently waiting for the right opportunity to present itself, and the right timing!!)

It was EXACTLY what we had been looking for.

We ran into our friendly local banker and asked for some corporate financing for this terrific opportunity!

We were shocked!!

It turned out that we had ZERO true corporate credit.

We we're steamed.

We started investigating and researching this topic.
We bought quite a few worthless publications on the subject.

We even ran into a bank employee that was full of mis-information on this subject.

We spent a lot of wasted time dealing with a lot of "smoke and mirrors". Thankfully, we did finally discovered the truth about building true corporate credit.

We discovered that successful business people know there is a SECOND, different set of credit rules!

Corporate Credit Success Story!

While working our way through the stacks of research, testing and implementing the creation of our corporate credit, we were contacted by a former customer of ours. She was in a dire situation and emailed us to ask our advice on her risky plan to invest her rent money to buy vending machines as a way to create cashflow. (Yikes!!)

After STRONGLY advising her against it, she agreed. Over the next months we emailed her with the details of our adventure into building corporate credit. We suggested she try it, and see if she can get her financing in place BEFORE she decides on her next business step.

Her AMAZING results are the #1 reason we decided to write down our findings and offer them to you here.

Not only was she able to receive a significant amount of corporate credit, in just a few months. She also had an opportunity fall into her lap that required almost exactly the amount of credit she had built. She is now a profitable, successful business owner.

And here's the real POWER in this information. You can build LARGE amounts of Corporate Credit, even if you have BAD PERSONAL CREDIT, and WITHOUT pledging personal assets or guarantees.

There is a lot of BAD, outdated information available on this subject. We found websites and seminars on this subject ranging in price from $299 to $15,000.00 (Ouch!!)

The corporate credit building process isn't an overnight get-rich-quick scheme, but it doesn't take as long as some high-priced, lawyer-assisted services would like you to believe.

It's just a step-by-step, easy to follow, systematic process to establishing large amounts of financing, for whatever business venture YOU wish to pursue.
- real estate investor
- restauranteur
- retail store owner
- resort owner
- franchise operator
- vending business owner
- internet company owner
- local service company owner
- day trader

or ANY legitimate business you might desire!

How Would It Feel To Have The Access To
$50,000-$1,000,000 Of Unsecured Credit?

The mountains of outdated information, myths, lies, shark and scams we encountered while builidng our corporate credit turned it into a real adventure! We have made most of the mistakes anyone could make (so you don't have to). (Of course, feel free to make some new ones of your own!)

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"Do You Know The Difference Between
Business Credit And
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If you want to improve the chances of your business success, learn the credit information that your banker and credit card companies don't want you to discover, and be able to finance the business you desire, we suggest you take a serious look at what we've discovered.

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Thanks for reading

Best of Luck

Robert and Patrica Farnham

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