Credit Line for Corporation

Credit Line for Corporation

Having to go through the process of applying for funds each time your business needs them can be a time consuming process. One good alternative is to establish for credit line for corporation use only. This is a type of funding source that allows you to have a maximum limit of funds you can access. With a credit line for corporation you can decide when you want to access the funds. It can be a portion of the credit limit or the entire amount depending on your needs.

With a credit line for corporation use you will only pay on the account when you have a balance owed. The amount of your payments will depend on the balance you have on the credit line at that time. It is very important that you find out how much your payments will be so that you know you can cover them. In most cases the payments due are a set percentage of the amount of the credit line for corporation use that has been accessed.

Unfortunately, there are not college courses teaching "How To Build Real Corporate Credit". (And if there are, they are probably taught by someone who's never owned their own business!)

The statistics don't lie. Most new businesses fail due to "lack of proper financing". We became frustrated after being blind sided by a credit system we thought we understood. Sometimes it's just a lack of insider information that causes problems, and the unfortunate consequences. Not getting the proper information and building reserve financing BEFORE you need it can be the kiss of death for many new enterprises!

To read the complete story of our business credit mis-adventure click here

It is our hope that this inside inforamtion might stop the growing statistics of business owners losing their dreams. So, before you spend your hard earned money designing, starting and building your buiness, we urge you to get ALL your financing in place first, starting today!

There is a LARGE majority of well meaning, hard working business owners who simply aren't aware of the "insider secrets" to obtaining HUGE amounts of unsecured corporate credit, without personal guarantees. If you would like to know what caused us to sit down and write out this information, click here to read that story.

Patti & Robert Farnham
(authors of "Corporate Credit Power)

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"Do You Know The Real Difference
Between Business Credit and
True Corporate Credit??"
(the information most local banks and credit card issuers are desperately hoping you won't discover!)

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Readers Comments

Thanks for your follow up. I have read your entire ebook, and quite honestly, I wish that I had discovered it by doing more due diligence before I paid almost $15,000 for an aged shelf corporation last year. If I'd bought your book and spent a few months implementing it I could have saved all that money. Like you say, live and learn.However, what's done is done. My previous venture didn't work out like I had planned. I will implement your strategy and wait for the next "knock".
Best to you both

Lorne S.

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