Credit Line for Corporation

Credit Line for Corporation

Having to go through the process of applying for funds each time your business needs them can be a time consuming process. One good alternative is to establish for credit line for corporation use only. This is a type of funding source that allows you to have a maximum limit of funds you can access. With a credit line for corporation you can decide when you want to access the funds. It can be a portion of the credit limit or the entire amount depending on your needs.

With a credit line for corporation use you will only pay on the account when you have a balance owed. The amount of your payments will depend on the balance you have on the credit line at that time. It is very important that you find out how much your payments will be so that you know you can cover them. In most cases the payments due are a set percentage of the amount of the credit line for corporation use that has been accessed.

A little inside knowledge, and some action, could be all that is standing between your business success and wealth, or a "Going Out Of Business" sign on the front of you business.

Unfortunately, most business fail. Also, most entrepreneurs don't know the difference between the "business credit" you local bank extends you when you start a business, and true corporae credit.
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There was a series of events that happened to us, and then with a struggling potential entrepeneur that resulted in us publishing this information. If we had known this information 15 years ago who knows where we'd be now!
To read the details of our complete credit mis-adventure, click here

Patti & Robert Farnham
(authors of "Corporate Credit Power)

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"Do You Know The Real Difference
Between Business Credit and
True Corporate Credit??"
(the information most local banks and credit card issuers are desperately hoping you won't discover!)

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Readers Comments

Thank you Patti & Rob.
I have read the entire ebook and just like you, I have made a lot of mistakes in the past but with God's direction and the instructions from your ebook, I think I will be successful while going forward this time around. I have screwed up my personal credit, as well as my wifes and am going to be careful with "every" decision I make in the future. I am hoping that this is going to be the best investment of $47, I will ever make in my entire life. I will follow it to the tee!

Vernon McC

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